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W O R K S H O P S  &  E V E N T S


Bee Keeping Workshops

1. Bee Curious

What's involved in Bee Keeping?

2. Bee Keeping for Beginners

Buying beehive, basic hands on advice and tips.

3. History of the Honey Bee

Through Ancient times and Folklore

Each class 6-8 people

Dates and booking information to be confirmed.

GvE&Co is formed by two creative and tenacious friends, Georgina von Etzdorf and Jonathan Docherty. This part of their story began in 2017 when they pooled their lifelong love of artistry, colour, fluidity and dynamism in pattern to produce printed furnishing fabric, and make uplifting, comforting pieces for the home.

Convinced of the importance of colour and texture on our mood, they set themselves up to generate our ideas from a granary in Britford, Wiltshire.

The pieces they create are alluring, luminous, tactile and sensual. 

GvE&Co swatches.png
GvE&Co scarf and cushion.png
Look out for future outdoor events!