Organic Rooibos Orange and Eucalyptus Tea by Char

Organic Rooibos Orange and Eucalyptus Tea by Char


-50 Teabags

Just open a bag of our orange and eucalyptus rooibos and the scent of menthol and fruit will take you away to the wide open spaces of Australia. Char has combined the freshness of eucalyptus with the sweetness of peach and orange to bring you yet another gorgeous rooibos. A delicious way to clear the nose, throat and mind. Exclusive to Char.

Rooibos tea comes from the Cape province of South Africa and is naturally caffeine and tannic acid free. Chars rooibos tea is of the highest quality and has undergone the most thorough sifting and cleaning. It has been repeatedly sieved to ensure an even and high quality final product - a 'super grade' quality from cultivated rank growth.

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