Europa by Andrew Heath

Europa by Andrew Heath


Comes in a beautiful, six page digifile case, with cover artwork by artist, Zoë Heath


CD Tracklist:

1 The Railcar Attendant 

2 Requiem 

3 Prussian Blue

4 Lunz

5 Sputnik / little earth

6 Larks under Lowland Skies 

7 Europa - After the Noise 

8 The Summer Boys 

  • About

    Intimate piano, treated field recordings and sparse electronics combine to create a sound journey through the cultural landscape of Europe. 

    Drawing on recent travels in Europe - the More-ohr-Less festival, organised by Hans-Joachim Roedelius in Lunz, Austria and visiting fellow musician and collaborator, Anne Chris Bakker in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands - 'Europa' portrays the quiet visual, musical and architectural details of a diverse, yet shared continent. Themes of travel and events are explored bringing quiet contemplation of our European identity.


    released November 4, 2016 

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